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Saccucci Honda

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Saccucci Honda has been selling cars since 1951. And back then, the average price of a new car was just $1500. A used car was about half that. Today, the average new car is a staggering $33,000. And the average price of a used car is $18,600.

There are alot of folks who either can't, or won't spend that kind of money on a car. And when you look at the national averages for financing, you can see why. The average term for a used car loan 63 months. That's over five years! And the average payment is $359. That's a pretty big monthly bill for what is often a second or third car. Or for someone going to college.

So those looking for a less expensive car end up having to go to a used car lot. There you'll usually find older, lower priced cars. They are often cars that a dealer like Saccucci took in trade, and then sold to the used car dealer. That dealer cleans them up, gives them a state inspection, adds a nice markup, and sells them a tidy profit. 

We've been asked countless times over the years, why we won't sell those cars to consumers, as it would save them a considerable amount of money by cutting out the middleman and for many years we've considered it. We've been waiting for the right time, and we think the time is now. Saccucci Honda will be selling these cars direct to the public. 

There are good cars, with plenty of life in them, at prices you've never seen before at Saccucci. The starting prices are around $4000. There might be some cosmetic issues, or some accessories that aren't perfect, but they all pass state inspection, and there are even extended warranties available on most of them. We can take trade-ins towards them, and in many cases, we can provide financing also. 

There are cars that if you found them on a used car lot, would cost many thousands more. 
But with Saccucci's direct to the public pricing, you can now get them from the source.