Parts And Labor Coverage

A Vehicle Service Contract can save you thousands of dollars on repairs. It covers repairs and parts replacement beyond the terms of your factory warranty. Plus, it's easy and convenient and it will help you protect your investment. 

  • All covered repairs under and Allstate Vehicle Service Contract will have a minimum of 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, regardless of contract expiration.
  • Pays 100% of covered parts and labor, after deductible. 
  • Transferable, can add to your auto's resale value.
  • Protects against rising cost of inflation.

We've got you covered.
Your vehicle will likely need more repairs the more miles it is driven often after your factory warranty has expired. With the Vehicle Service Contract, you won't have to worry about your high repair costs for a covered breakdown. The chart below shows how the Vehicle Service Contract goes above and beyond the typical factory warranty. 

Limits and Exclusions: Coverage is subject to deductibles, limits and exclusions. The contract covers repairs only of covered parts when they suffer a breakdown as defined in the contract. Under some circumstances, a breakdown of covered part may not be covered (for example, failure due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance or when a non-covered part is what caused the covered part to fail). Also, exclusions contact a list of parts not covered, some of which may be associated with a covered part (for example, brake drums, pads and rotors, exhaust pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters and body and trim items). Please see the service contract for details. 

Certain vehicles and brands of vehicles may not qualify for all or any of these benefits. Please ask your business & finance manager for details. 

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