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The Finance and Insurance Process

While you’re considering the extras and safety features you want from the car you’re buying at Saccucci Honda, there are two other important items you need to figure into your purchase: finance and insurance. Fortunately, Saccucci can provide you with assistance on both of those, in a manner you won’t find at other dealers.

The day you buy your vehicle, the Saccucci team will send you an email on what you should expect when the vehicle is delivered, including the timeframe in which you will receive the car, and any additional documents you may need when finalizing…

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Discover Why You Should Lease a Honda Instead of Buy

Buying a car is no simple task; it brings up a lot of questions as well as many things to consider. These considerations range anywhere from the best financing options to which make and model fits your individual preferences. Not to mention, everything else in the middle such as browsing cars from dealership to dealership to find the best deal and the process to legally get your vehicle on the road. Once you’ve done…

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