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The Saccucci Honda Blog

The Saccucci Honda blog is here to help you get to know us better delivering lots of valuable information about various topics related to the auto industry. Our goal is to provide our customers extensive knowledge about Honda vehicles, safety tips, extending the longevity of your vehicle, the latest industry trends, and beyond. With over 65 years of business under our belt, you could say we have a thing or two to share about what makes Honda vehicles a top safety pick. Our blog is here to deliver you the honest information you need to help choose the Honda of your dreams and feel confident doing so.

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Long Live the Impressive Lineup of Honda SUVs!


Summer is here and with it is the start of family vacations and fun in the sun. When you think about packing up the car and heading on a vacation or trip, you rarely think of driving a small Sedan. Instead, you envision a compact SUV packed sky high with duffle bags and beach necessities. SUVs are cars built with consumers’ driving comfort and experience in mind, in particular, the impressive lineup of Honda SUVs…

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Get Your Honda Summer Ready with These Car Care Tips


The long, gruesome winter months have finally subsided, and spring sunlight has arrived! With the warmer months ahead, comes the time to conduct some basic, but important, Honda auto maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape after the rough winter! Things like road salt and extreme temperatures can cause car corrosion and tire damage to your vehicle. In an effort to avoid these problems, let’s dive into a few ways you can…

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Why You Should Service Your Honda at 40,000 Miles


Out of all of the daily challenges or unexpected twists that come our way, one thing that remains consistent is our cars. If you stop to think about it, our cars go through so much over the years carrying us through rain, snow, and any other crazy New England weather conditions. Yet, even knowing this, most of us forget that we still have to keep up with routine maintenance schedule repairs when necessary. This is…

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A Feature Comparison of the Honda CR-V & Toyota RAV4

Feature Comparison of the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 

There are more driver distractions than ever, whether it be from poor weather conditions and long commutes, to mobile phone use while operating a vehicle. American Honda Motor Company has been at the forefront of driver and passenger safety for years. Honda’s engineers have been focused on designing technology to predict and prevent collisions with state-of-the-art warning systems that can detect dangerous conditions. Their Honda Sensing technology has revolutionized driving safety with a series…

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5 Reasons RI Dog Laws Protect Your Pooch

Five Reasons RI Dog Laws Protect Your Pooch by Saccucci Honda

Dogs & Cars, Two Things We Know & Love!

Here at Saccucci Honda, we LOVE our dogs. So much so, that on any given day you may find three in-house. In our sales department, we have Koula and Sadie and in the Body Shop we have Remmy. All three of these fabulous dogs are loved by our employees and our customers. Visit anytime for some "canine companionship."

My husband and I have three dogs who keep us VERY busy. Even though I own and love three dogs, I am not so sure about the laws that are currently in effect in Rhode…
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The Saccucci Honda Blog is Here for You

Buying a car is important, and above all else, expensive. Saccucci Honda wants to make sure you get it right and not only pick out the right car for you, but make sure you have confidence in the ride you choose. Our blog is the best way to provide you with the ins and outs about how you can get the most out of your Honda for miles to come. Tips when buying certified pre-owned vehicles, financing advice, and service information are some of the many topics we will shed insight on so you can make a well informed decision when choosing Saccucci for your next vehicle!

As a family owned dealership, we pride our business on making our customers feel comfortable  and aim to surpass their expectations. Since the beginning, our motto has always been "our reputation is your protection" and this still holds true today. That is why our blog is so valuable! Everyone here at Saccucci Honda wants to keep you, and everyone you care about, safe, happy, and well-informed on the road.

Stick with Saccucci Honda and we will be sure to make you feel like a part of the family for years ahead!


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