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Saccucci Honda has earned the Honda Environmental Leadership Award and has been recognized by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. as a leader in the company’s effort to reduce the environmental impact of Honda dealerships in communities across the nation.


For over 30 years Honda has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products, manufacturing and logistics operations, and facilities in North America. We heeded Honda’s call and have been recognized for achieving specific environmental targets that includes reducing total energy use at our dealership by at least 10 percent. To date, participating dealers across the company’s automobile, power equipment and power sports lines have collectively reduced CO2 emissions by more than 87,000 metric tons and saved more than $19 million in energy costs. 


This is just the beginning for both Honda and Saccucci. Based on its vision of "Blue Skies for our Children," Honda is working to advance technologies that address society's environmental and energy concerns. By 2030, Honda intends for electrified vehicles to comprise two-thirds of its global automobile sales. Additionally, in North America, the Honda Electrification Initiative will see Honda’s electrified powertrain technologies applied to an expanding portfolio of cars and light trucks in the years ahead. 


The future of both Honda and the environment looks bright. Honda currently features several hybrid vehicles, such as the Clarity series, Accord Hybrid, and Honda Insight. Utilizing technology such as fuel cell, electric batteries, and hybrid powertrains, Honda is making the world safer for our children. Because of the proactive measures taken to reduce waste, emissions and improve energy efficiency, Honda has reduced its waste sent to landfills by 93 percent.  


We’re extremely proud to be part of Honda’s global effort to help preserve and protect the environment. We know a lot of our customers in the community are concerned about the impact they are making on the environment. Saccucci Honda has taken these measures to give our customers the extra peace of mind knowing that they’re supporting a local Honda dealer that is committed to environmentally-sustainable business operations.

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