Winter is here with us, so it is time for drivers in Middleton, RI, and beyond to prepare their vehicles for the cold temperatures. Our dealership is more than ready to offer professional cold weather services so that you can be prepared for any eventuality.

From frigid temperatures and freezing rain to limited daylight and snow, you might face road challenges during family outings and road trips around Newport. That's why Saccucci Honda strongly recommends you invest in our cold weather services to ensure your travels are comfortable, safe, and warm.

What Maintenance Services Do You Need During the Winter Season?


Battery Check

Winter is tough on the vehicle's battery around Providence, where we can experience frigid temperatures. The battery's capability to generate power significantly reduces in cold temperatures. Also, your car needs immense battery power to run during cold weather. So, if the battery is faulty, your car might not start.

The good news is that you can evade these problems by bringing your vehicle to our dealership for a proficient battery check. Our skilled technicians will assess the battery and advise whether it needs repair, maintenance, or replacement.

Check Tires

By fitting your vehicle with snow tires, you can avoid getting stuck in snow or sliding on slippery roads around South Kingstown during winter. These tires retain flexibility on slippery roads and contain unique tread patterns to give you a phenomenal grip on ice and snow.

Examining your tire pressure is essential because low temperatures reduce tire pressure. A properly inflated tire offers you perfect contact between the road and the tires and, in the process, assures you of a safe driving experience.

Change Wiper Blades

Swapping out the faulty, old blades for a new set is beneficial once the winter arrives. It will be easy to clear away rainfall and have an excellent road view.

Fill Fluids

It would help if you had adequate antifreeze and a lot of washer fluid in cold weather. Bring your vehicle to Saccucci Honda to have various fluids assessed by our technicians. We will top off the necessary fluids to prepare the vehicle for freezing temperatures.

Brakes Check

If your vehicle shows any signs of a faulty brake system, please bring it to our dealership for a detailed inspection. Our trained technicians will check the transmission, power steering fluids, and the entire brake system to ensure they are in the best condition possible.

What Kind of Winter Tires Should You Get?

Some dealerships market the all-season tires as good options for summer and winter. While this may be true in regions where seasons don't vary much, you should fit your vehicle with winter tires to get confident braking, control, and traction on snow and ice.

If you live near Bristol, RI, and want to buy winter tires, you will have to buy the tires marked with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake to get superb handling. We will help you choose the right winter tires for your vehicle when you come to Saccucci Honda to prepare your vehicle for the cold weather.

Essential Vehicle Accessories for Winter Driving

If you are ready to drive in winter, you must ensure your vehicle has the necessary accessories to keep you warm and safe on the roads. Even if you have prepared and serviced the vehicle for harsh climate conditions, you can include essential items like jump leads, torches, small shovels, and an ice scraper.

You can add a remote start, floor mats, racks, a tire traction mat, a warm steering wheel cover, and a waterproof seat cover.

Schedule a Cold Weather Service at Saccucci Honda

Let Saccucci Honda perform a thorough and professional winter check on your car near Dartmouth, MA. Do not hesitate to stop by or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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