It's time to get your Honda car, SUV, or truck ready for driving around Middletown, RI, on those blazing summer days with some key vehicle maintenance tasks at our dealership's service center.

Brake Care After Winter

Winter salt and sand on Newport roads can get stuck to your brakes and reduce their performance. Winter moisture can also find its way into the brake lines and pollute your brake fluid. Some quick brake service focusing on these issues can have you ready for your summer driving plans around Providence.

Staying Cool Through the Summer

The heat and humidity can make driving around South Kingstown difficult if your air conditioner isn't pulling its weight. After remaining idle all winter, turning your AC on can reveal issues you didn't know were there. A technician can perform a general AC system inspection or address any problems you've noticed, like a funny noise or trouble cooling the air before things heat up.

Summer Engine Preparation

If you're planning on leaving the Bristol, RI, area on a weekend road trip or want to prepare your Honda for driving in the heat, an engine inspection can catch any troublesome issues before bringing your car to a standstill. Inspections catch things like dirty filters, low fluids, fraying belts, and splitting hoses. The last thing any driver wants on a hot day is for their engine to overheat, so your technician will also top up or entirely replace the coolant in your radiator.

Summer Battery Care

Sometimes, freezing winter weather near Dartmouth, MA, can cause a vehicle's battery to die. Extreme summer heat can also adversely affect your battery, causing it to work harder than necessary and burn out sooner, leaving you just as stranded. A battery test and inspection ensure the surface is clean, connections are secure, and there's sufficient charge left for all your summer driving.

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